Windows Live messenger Drawing

I draw sometimes to people online on msn... this is one of the ones I did today.

A little back story:

That robot was designed to test air pressure and analyze the changes in air currents and such on the top of mountains,
but he got bored one day and decided to just leave,
now like all robots he is searching for a purpose in life,
eventually he found out he loves cooking noodle soup for humans,
and does that down on the corner of Airet and Samway street at Bo's Ramen shop...


Tilt-Shift photoshop'd

I don't have a fancy camera so I have to fake this with photoshop. This is the first image I tilt shifted and I am semi happy with how it turned out for ten minutes of work.


My brothers style.

my younger brother has been doing a lot of really wicked images in a pretty neat cut out graphic design style. You can see them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/radbot/

I have this idea for a little game about floating planets.. so I just did one for my Windows Live messenger icon.

weird desktop wallpaper

I made a weird desktop background.. I just wanted something simple and something to help icons stand out.

Desktop Background


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone.

Happy New Year 2009