A fish and something similar.

And now for the fish: ]}¸«•)З


On or off

I don't really know what I was doing but fooling around in 3d a bit.

the war is coming


New Banner...

I decided I wanted some clouds...


Halloween is my favorite time of the year...

-Enter scratchy voice- "I am batman, tell your friends."




Lines, lines everywhere!


~plague doctor haiku~

hello world one,
this is number two calling,
where is the ketchup?


5 Panel

A few fellow artists and my self have started an ongoing art blog "5 panel" Located here: http://5panel.blogspot.com/

We are planning on having monthly themes, this month being "turtles" as well as an ongoing comic that gets passed in between everyone involved for example one person draws a panel and someone else draws the next one. Eventually a story will evolve etc etc.

If you want to sign up and join in send me your email address and I can add you to the list.


Lego and the moth...

I think I will start drawing again more.. but for now some photos...

Lego M-tron was always one of my favorites... I spent a little too much time taking pictures of lego mini figures a few days ago.

M-tron lego mini figure.

I was at home for a week so I shot quite a few images of random sights. Click the image to see a nice, high-detail shot of a moth. (shot with crappy pocket point and shoot camera)