Latest 3D work

I am doing a series of 3D render's.



some of the folks in my family

I just thought I'd post this.
This is my brother (with my other brother and sister in the background) The coolest people I know. (next to my sister in Thailand: http://circlethesun.wordpress.com/ )

60 mins of lighting while waiting for ride home ;)

just chilled out and decided to do this when waiting for a ride home from work.
Note, none of these textures tile, the lighting seems to make it work.
(btw this was done in 3d in maya)


Concepting New character for Sketchrospectve Book 3

We are officially starting a new book, this time it'll be a comic instead of the two picture books.
I'm Going to try to do this in 3d.

You can spam us on facebook.

Sketch of the main character.